Flexitree is Delhi (India) based technology company co-founded by three experienced executives and programmers from hardware development and software industry. We develop solutions for the renewable energy sector for easy detection from data acquisition to provide data analytics & actionable insights in an intuitive, accessible and flexible format


PCB Solutions Process


Present your idea and explain your requirement in the context of working.

Concept Design

Its our responsibility to bring your idea into life with the help of different tools and our expertise.


We provide you working model of your idea which is a part of product development.

Embedded Programming

Most of the circuit need embedded programming, We program it according to compatibility of hardware.


On completion of development and programming, We test PCB in real time environment with standard equipment. Our main focus is on product durability and its life cycle.


After performing various quality tests on prototype we produce it on the quantity ordered.

IoT Solutions

Asset Management

A common and predominant application of the IIoT seen across industries is for physical asset management and monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Data Analytics & Actionable insights

Relevant real-time and predictive information is presented in an intuitive, accessible and flexible format. New operational, planning and strategic solutions are revealed and delivered to your fingertips…on one screen.

Connected systems

connect your product to IOT eco-system or connect it to the cloud.

Our Products


The Battery Management System developed at flexitree works with the latest lithium titanium oxide batteries which are the fastest charging devices with low energy dissipation and host of other features.

Drone Controller

A machine meant for laboratories and industry where a touch of dishes with hand could turn fatal. It is designed with the most stringent safety standards specifically intended for heavy usage.

  • Custom-designed controller for drones.
  • Built in gyroscope, accelerometer and barometer sensor.


  • Built-in display and keyboard on a single integrated circuit.
  • Controls upto 8 different zones of temperature.
  • Controls RPM of 4 different motors.
  • Built-in timer to control process sequence time.

Our Clients


It has been a wonderful experience collaborating with flexitree technologies. They have built ECU and other drone controllers for us. There controllers are currently flying our drones. We wish to take forward this parternship and seek more together.

- DroneEpic

We are a company in the space of smart homes. Flexitree is one of our core partners and has served us with hardware and software support. Mobile app controlled tables to multi-platform circuits. We highly recommend there expertise and value their collaboration.

- Avline